Paintball for Newbies – How to Start Paintball

As far as sports go, people play them either to compete professionally or to have fun. Sports are there to be a form of recreation. Some people organize into groups or teams, head out and play their favorite sports like football, basketball, volleyball or anything else, for that matter.

For some people, these regular sports aren’t good enough. They need something more, something which is a lot more exciting. That would be, paintball. You team up, you hide, you shoot, you try to win. You get hit, you cry a little, you try again, though without the crying part. For those who already tried paintball, they already know what to do, but the newcomers don’t. If you want to play paintball, here are a couple of things you should know before starting out.

Find a Local Paintball Club

The best way to start playing paintball is to find a local club. Chances are that there is a club near you, if not in your city. If it is further away, you should see whether any of your friends want to play paintball. If they are not up for the trip, then search social media to see whether you can find any paintball groups. There will be people on there, looking to go play paintball. Try to find a group which is more about fun, rather than winning. You don’t want to end up on some ex drill sergeant competitive person’s team. 

The Equipment

You will get a paintball gun, paintballs and armor, including a visor. All of these are necessary to have fun and enjoy the game. As to the question whether you should purchase any paintball equipment, the answer is not. The only thing you need is paintballs, because that is your ammunition. The rest of the equipment you get by purchasing your paintball session. You don’t need specialized equipment to have fun playing paintball. 

Should You Worry about Pain?

You shouldn’t. Paintballs don’t really hurt that much, or at all. The only time when they might hurt is when you get hit by a ball and it doesn’t spray, but rather, it bounces off. Though, this is a relatively high-pace sport and you should be completely filled with adrenaline which will in turn filter out most of the pain you might experience. In the end, some parts of your body might be sore, but you will probably not care for it. Remember to keep your visor on. 

It is a Team Game

Paintball is a team game, one which you play with your friends, hopefully. This means that you should stick by them and listen to their calls and strategies, given that you are a newbie. A general tip is to go behind one of your teammates and follow their lead. You shouldn’t be exposed at any single time. Don’t try to be a hero unless you are the last person standing. Even then, you should stick by your cover and try not to expose yourself to enemy fire needlessly.

Paintball is all about fun, tactics and enjoying a day out with your friends, newly met or the ones you already knew. If you want to start paintball, these are the tips you should follow. Do not worry about anything else other than keeping your protection gear on and having fun.