Top 4 Paintball Places in Europe

Of all the sports out there, people never thought that paintball had professional competitions. And why not? If you can play golf professionally, then you can also play paintball professionally. Those events, however, require a different field to what a normal or more frequent paintball field looks like. Compared to symmetrical and bland professional paintball fields, the ones for casual players are often built to match a certain theme, be it urban or jungle. The world has plenty of great paintball fields, but what about Europe itself? European paintball players will want to try something unique and not fly across the world to New Zealand or the United States.

Here are the best paintball fields in Europe.

Krakow – Poland

It’s a simple place near Krakow in Poland, which offers you the complete package. That, of course, includes the gun, 200 paintballs in this case, overalls, a mask and a field to play in. It is in a forest, or rather a clearing near a forest, but you will have trees as cover. There are special tactical covers around the field, like wooden boards raised to make a cover.

Tactics, speed and friendship. The most important thing is to have fun.

Ljubljana – Slovenia

Paintball Ljubljana is one of those places which took something entertaining such as paintball and turned it into a business. That is perfect, especially if you wanted to plan something to surprise your loved ones or your coworkers, even. They have special team building discounts, as well as those for birthdays and bachelor/ette parties. They even have low-impact balls which can be used by children. You can find them in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Riga – Latvia

In Riga, Latvia, you can find indoor paintball. While for some other paintball venues, you have to get out of the city, in Riga, you can stay indoors. But how good can an indoor paintball venue be? Really good if they have an entire warehouse from the Soviet era, which you can explore with your friends, trying to knock each other out from the competition. Everything is included, as always. Just bring your friends to Riga and have fun.

Berlin – Germany

In Germany, you get the big fields. Or at least, 20 of them.

If you fear for your safety on so many fields, each of them has 2 referees standing by in case someone breaks the rules. You have nothing to worry about. Oh, did we mention that you get 2000 paintballs for 50 euros? They offer a club as well as free lunch and of course, sanitary facilities, so that you can shower after your exciting game. Ah, and you get to ride in a tank, an actual tank, after the day is over.

These are some of the best paintball places/fields in Europe. There certainly are far more, especially in the United Kingdom, where paintball is one of the favorite sports (among many others, to be honest). Check these places out and be on the lookout for more, for there certainly are many of them.