What Type of People Usually Get Attracted to Paintball?

Paintball, the one sport where you can go and shoot your friends without any hard feelings (unless they keep losing repeatedly, then they might be angry with you for a while). This is a sport which is interesting because it requires multiple things if you want to be successful. Flexibility and endurance, mental and physical, as well as speed, agility and aim, are all requirements to be a successful paintball player. But even with all those skills, if you run into the open, you will be colored in all different paintball colors, when people hiding behind covers open their fire.

Paintball requires tactical skills and team play. So, which types of people are attracted to paintball? Different types, most definitely. Here is our take.


In order to feel good in such an extreme environment, where people are yelling, whispering and shooting at the same time, you need to feel comfortable communicating and expressing yourself. Extroverts shine in these situations. They aren’t afraid to communicate, with their words, hands or guns. It is safe to say that there will be multiple extroverts on the same field (except for those two introverts shooting everybody while you never get to see them).


This is a very specific word which is often used in business. Leadership capabilities, the ability to lead and guide, what does this mean? In paintball, it means taking responsibility for your team’s actions and even demise, planning your route, and taking input from your teammates. A leader isn’t always right. A leader listens, takes feedback and leaves their ego aside, but also channels their energy to gather those around them and bring them up when they are down and calm them if they are too eager to get out there and get shot. Leaders restrain and encourage their teammates and act as an anchor and sail, whichever is necessary.

Team Players

Paintball is about team play. You can’t go and be a lone wolf Rambo type of character. You’ll get shot and tagged out of the game. You have to play as a team, meaning learn to work as a unit. These types of people know that they have a certain responsibility upon them and they fulfil it. They also know that they have their limits and that they are good at one thing while the others are good at other things. Knowing your limits is always a good thing, no matter the sport/business venture.

Adrenaline Chasers

Sure, paintball isn’t as exciting as parachuting, but it is still exciting. Sitting in cover, waiting for your enemy to move, just the slightest, to fill them full of paint, you can feel your heart throbbing ever so quicker. Will you shoot then on first sight or will you wait for them to give you a better angle before you expose your position? There is adrenaline in paintball, especially for newcomers.

These are the types of people that get attracted to paintball. There are other types, but they are in the minority.