Do People Easily Get Addicted to Extreme Sports? – How Dangerous Are They?

During their leisure time, people enjoy various activities from reading books and watching movies to running and playing sports. Besides playing sports and video games, most of sports fans find it fun to bet online on sites like

However, it`s not like that for everyone. Although a sport can be a great hobby, some sports fans become so addicted to their favorite sport which becomes one of their main preoccupations.

Addiction is a big word and not to be taken lightly. In general, people can be addicted to anything from tobacco, meaning cigarettes, alcohol, all sorts of drugs, video games, emotions, to extreme sports.

The last one is of interest to us. There have been people addicted to extreme sports, but how does one even get there? That is possible, to an extent, but how dangerous is it to get addicted to extreme sports? Should you fear getting addicted? Here is our take on the matter.

Addiction Versus Adrenaline Rushes

There are some signs of being addicted. The first sign to look for is not being able to stop. The second sign is also denial. People who are addicted often say that they can quit at any time. Most addicted people, especially considering substance abuse, turn to the substance for the solution. You can also see these symptoms in people addicted to extreme sports. Instead of dealing with the problem head on, they go to clear their head by engaging in an extreme sport.

Though sports are known to be beneficial for our mental health, extreme sports are very dangerous by their nature and engaging in one while having problems and unclear thoughts could lead to an early demise.

Some people are addicted and that can be addicted to an extent. Some people just like that feeling of an adrenaline rush. The question you should be asking is whether these people can function relatively normally without a daily or bi daily injection of adrenaline (metaphorically speaking, of course). 

Addiction is Always Dangerous

No matter the type of addiction, it is dangerous. In extreme sports, it is even more dangerous. By their definition, in these types of sports, when making a mistake in performance, an athlete can get seriously injured, which is often used as a substitution for dying. When addicted, people go to great lengths to get their dose. In extreme sports, it isn’t different, at all.

People will expose themselves to dangerous situations to get their fill of adrenaline. They might not be ready for every trip and adventure. That can lead to serious injuries or death. If you see any signs of addiction in yourself or another person near you, have a frank conversation with them.

Should You Be Worried about Addiction?

That depends. Are you looking to start extreme sports because you want to try something new and interesting? Are there different reasons which you might not be completely aware of or are afraid of admitting to yourself, like running away from some problems? If the latter is the case, then try to be sincere with yourself and admit that you should deal with a problem first, and then try an extreme sport to see if you still care about it.

New ideas shouldn’t be explored when dealing with immense emotional baggage and when there is conflict inside you, especially with extreme sports.

Anyone Can Get Addicted But Very Few Do

When talking about odds, there is always that small percentage that you might do something wrong. Speaking of addiction, one might become addicted, but very few people actually do get addicted to extreme sports. For most people it is something personal. For some, it is a part of their lives, just like Netflix is for others.

Explore the world but be mindful of why you decide to take an action, especially if it includes extreme sports.