The Most Popular Extreme Sports

The world’s full of sports which you might want to try, or have probably tried like football, rugby, volleyball, waterpolo, tennis, basketball, handball, baseball, hockey, cricket, golf and many others. These types of sports can get extreme every once in a while, especially if people get into a fight. Hockey is more on the tense side, for example. But, they are not by their nature extreme sports, or that is what most people think.

The world also has its own fair share of extreme sports, which many cherish and love. Here are the world’s most popular extreme sports.


This is a favorite. You jump out of a plane and you freefall until it is time to open your parachute. Then you descend ever so slowly until you eventually land. The initial jump, the intense noise and wind when the plane doors open, the moment where you jump, especially for the first time, is quite a thing to behold and experience (albeit, most of the time, your first jump is with a very experienced parachuter, because of multiple reasons, all of them having to do with safety).

Look up your local parachuting clubs and try it out. You won’t regret it.


Coming from the mind of David Belle, who learned it from his father, based on the teachings of Georges Hebert, a French naval officer, parkour is the art of motion, getting from place A to place B, using your own body, as fast as possible. There are many obstacles on your way, will you vault over them, slide under or jump through relatively small holes to get there? As long as it’s the fastest way.

It is a sport which challenges your body, mind and coordination, to a very extreme extent. Start off slowly and work on your form, before attempting anything remotely dangerous or especially grandiose.


Take note that this can also mean artificial wall climbing. Either way, it is a difficult sport where a single person climbs a wall while the other takes care that they do not fall to their deaths, by securing them (using a rope and various other devices).

Climbing can take place indoors on artificial walls, or outdoors, where you would either sport climb, already established routes, or do traditional climbing, where you would climb routes without any bolts and previously established safety spots. There is also free soloing, where you climb without a rope. That one is particularly dangerous.

These are the world’s most popular extreme sports. Whichever one you decide to try, do it at your own pace, without putting yourself in too much danger (all extreme sports are by nature, dangerous). Remember to have fun!